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For the past several years, Intercultural Resources has been bringing out an annual social movements calendar, each year with a particular theme. The theme for 2011 was people’s struggles against IFIs.

ICR’s next social movements calendar (2012) is centered around the theme Labour. The choice of the Labour is relevant in several aspects in the contemporary context  First of all the calendar is an attempt to document a saga of  labour struggles from colonisation to globalisation. Secondly, Labour has become all the more relevant to us in today’s globalised world – where at one level,  hectic globalisation and privatisation, several areas of  industry and services are being thrown open to international corporations and private agencies where subcontracting of labour is a common phenonmenon. Lack of rights to organise, trade unions etc have paved the way for tremendous erosion/dilution of basic labour rights and labour rights violations have become rampant. At another level, large number of communities in the rural and forest areas are struggling to retain their livelihood and community based natural resources from being snatched away by the development agenda of the state.

The 2012 calendar would depict these aspects and hope would render a beautiful piece of documentation to the arena of labour struggles in our country.

Social Movements calendar is a collective endeavor and not a funded project. As such,  ICR is very much dependent on the active participation of our network organisations to continue this whole thing exercise, even in much difficult times.

2012 Calendar would be around Rs. 150 per piece and bulk order would recieve cocessions.

Incase organisations would like to have their name, logo and address to be printed on the calendar, please send your queries to:


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