Dear All,

This is to inform all of you that the expected has happened, the Tamil Nadu government has finally done a complete  turnaround and announced that it is going to commission the Kudankulam NPP immediately. Thousands of police have been sent into Idinthikarai. So far, 10 people, including three struggle committee  members, who were keeping watch on the plant, have been arrested.

The bells are ringing in Idinthikarai, thousands of people are pouring into the village from all over the nearby districts, to lay siege to the plant. Udayakumar has announced an indefinite hunger strike. It is going to be a do or die struggle.

Friends, we need to act, do all we can to support the heroic people of South Tamil Nadu in their struggle against the Kudankulam NPP.  Get your acts together, it is a fight to the finish. This is the best chance  we are going to have to sink the government’s Nuclear Power Program, we can’t afford to lose. So get going…

in solidarity,

Neeraj Jain, Lokayat
Mrudanga“, Bldg No. 3A, Flat No. 6,
Naad Brahma Society, Warje,
Pune – 411 058
Ph. Mobile 094222 20311
Landline: 020-25231251

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