Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Hardik Patel once again reiterated that the state BJP had offered crores of rupees to several Patel leaders to not only break the agitation but also defame the young leader.
Hardik’s allegations came after a video went viral in which one Mansukh Patel is seen having discussions with several PAAS leaders. In the video, Mansukh Patel is seen talking about ‘someone’s efforts to offer ‘something’ to the PAAS leaders. It should be noted that nowhere in the video is the word BJP mentioned nor does it make a mention of any money. But, the overall talk in the video indicates ‘giving something’ to someone.
It should be noted that Mansukh Patel was once the main mediator between PAAS and the government. It is believed that he was instrumental in gathering the finance required to hold the mega Patel sabha at GMDC ground which ended in violence.
Following the release of the video, Hardik Patel in a video statement said it as proof that the government had offered money to …
Source: Protest News

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