Demonetizing Everything: A Post Capitalism World | Peter Diamandis

Demonetizing Everything: A Post Capitalism World | Peter Diamandis
June 3, 2018

To follow up with the question of backward social relations and super advanced technology in the 21st Century, it is important to note that India still has a pre-human caste system and the rest of the world a capitalist class systems of oppression – we have not put in the same human effort to social change as we have to technological change.

In fact it is surprising how ignorant technicians are of social relations.

We see the fight against caste and class oppression as the last ditch fight – last ditch is an expression used by Marx in his critique of Henry George ( A rightist dressed in leftist garb) and Gramsci uses trench warfare to describe the fight against capitalism – we fight capitalism ditch by ditch

The right wing populist/proto fascist onslaught of Bannon and his ilk is the last chance to save capitalism – a system which technology has superceded for over a 100 years – even Bannon acknowledges it to be the case which why he fiercely mobilizing every rat he can to fight socialism.

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