Israeli Forces Seize Anti-Blockade Gaza Fleet

Israeli Forces Seize Anti-Blockade Gaza Fleet

July 12, 2018
From 2008 to 2016, international activists have sailed 31 boats to challenge the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. (

Freedom Boat 2 is a small fleet of vessels that were headed to Cyprus. The main boat with 11 Palestinian passengers, which includes university students and people injured during anti-Israel protests, was accompanied by about one dozen smaller boats, all sailing to break the Israeli maritime blockade on the Gaza Strip.

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flotilla of small boats is slowly making its way towards the coast of the Gaza Strip. On board are activists trying to raise …


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Israeli navy intercepts humanitarian flotilla from Gaza Boat, passengers have since been taken to Israel’s Ashdod Port, army …


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PressTV-Israel stops boat from Gazan aid flotilla Israeli warships have stopped a boat from a humanitarian flotilla set off from the …


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SECOND FAILED ATTEMPT The flotilla to lift the siege imposed on Gaza failed for the second time, watch the reason.



Israel seizes Gaza boat seeking to break naval blockade Israel’s navy seized a boat on Tuesday that had left from a Gaza port with …



Israeli Navy stops Gaza boat attempting to break blockade JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s Navy stopped a fishing boat carrying …


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La Freedom Flotilla sbarca a Napoli: «Insieme per i diritti umani»: . Grazie per la visione, iscriviti per altri video: …



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Gaza Return March@ShafiqNew

Gaza condemns the Israeli navy brutal treatemen against the besieged Gazans participated in freedom boats (2) . Unfortunately , the Israeli navy arrested the patients and injured on these freedom boats (2).

This is the second attempt to go out of the blockade since Palestinians started to hold regular demonstrations along the security fence that is located between Israel and The Gaza, on March 30. The first fleet had tried to set out from The Gaza on May 29.

Ahmad M Yazji #@Palestinian Gaza@AhmadMYazji2

Freedom Boat for breaking israeli siege ..

Member of Gaza’s National Committee for Breaking the Siege, Hani al-Thawabtah, declared during a press conference that

“Gaza has proved to the whole world that it does not accept submission despite the continuous blockade.”

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Palestine Video@PalestineVideo

Photos from Freedom Boats 2 From Gaza to Cyprus, aiming to break the siege on Gaza

فضائية فلسطين اليوم@Paltodaytv

#صور من على متن سفن الحرية 2 لكسر الحصار#فضائية_فلسطين_اليوم 

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Israeli Navy Forces detained all 17 passengers of the Freedom Boat 2 fleet and seized the ship. Passengers were released, but the captain, Suheil Muhammad al-Amoudi, remains in custody.

Al-Thawabtah added:

“Latest Israeli procedures of tightening up the blockade on Gaza will not force Palestinians to give up on Palestine.”

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Palestine Chronicle@PalestineChron

Take Part in ‘Great March of ’ for 15th Consecutive Week (PHOTOS) via @PalestineChron

Palestinians have regularly taken part in demonstrations along the Gaza-Israel border. Since March 30, nearly 140 Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured, by Israeli armed forces, and over 3,500 have been detained in 2018, including 651 children.

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