Russian Iranian Contradictions Over Syria – Helsinki Betrayal of Iran

Monday, July 23, 2018

Russian Iranian Contradictions Over Syria – Helsinki Betrayal of Iran

rom what we can glean from multiple sources we see the Helsinki Summit as a victory for Israel and tacit agreement of Russia to turn a blind eye to Israeli attacks on Iranian forces in Syria.

Precisely what role Russia will play if Iran is attacked by Israel or United States is a open question – it would be unwise of Iran to in any way to depend on Russia in such a situation on the basis of what we seen at Helsinki between Putin and Trump.

De-Nuclearisation and Peace is not Unilateral it is Multilateral – US not making parallel moves just pushing more sanctions on North Korea

The United States and its NATO allies are looking to increase their arm-stretch into Iraq by opening new bases and dispatching newer troops

NATO and United States plan expansion in Iraq including opening new bases – the move has sparked outrage among Iraqi people who want the NATO and United States Troops out of Iraq.

Given the war preparations of the United States against Iran this move confirms our view of prepartions for War with Iran by November 2018.

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