A Slaughter in Silence: How Trump’s “America First” Policy Enabled Ethnic Cleansing in the DRC

A Slaughter in Silence: How Trump’s “America First” Policy Enabled Ethnic Cleansing in the DRC

AUGUST 03, 2018

The Democratic Republic of Congo is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world as a wave of extreme violence sweeps the country. Some 2 million Congolese fled their homes last year, nearly 7 million Congolese are now internally displaced, and another 500,000 have fled to other parts of Africa. According to the United Nations, 13 million Congolese are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. The international media has largely ignored what’s happening, but this week Vice News published a shocking investigation into a recent case of ethnic cleansing. Hundreds of machete-wielding militiamen swept through areas in Congo near the Ugandan border, attacking around 120 communities. Hundreds were killed, thousands of homes were destroyed, and some 350,000 people were displaced. The violence came after the U.S. abruptly cut support for peacekeeping efforts in the Congo and elsewhere last year as part of President Trump’s “America First” policies. We speak with Vice News contributor and author Nick Turse. His article is titled “A Slaughter in Silence: How a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign in DRC was made worse by Trump’s ‘America First’ policies and the world’s neglect.”


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