What’s driving public anger in Bangladesh? | Inside Story

What’s driving public anger in Bangladesh? | Inside Story

First Published on Aug 8, 2018

The deaths of two teenagers by a speeding bus in Dhaka has sparked days of protests in Bangladesh. Thousands of students have blocked roads and stopped traffic, demanding tougher penalties for those who cause accidents. The demonstrations turned violent when police fired tear gas and used water cannon. Dozens of students were injured. Journalists were also targetted. Human Rights Watch says groups linked to the ruling Awami League party attacked protesters with machetes and sticks, but the government denies its activists were involved. And on Monday it promised to introduce the death sentence for deliberate road traffic deaths in an attempt to end the unrest. But the government has accused the opposition of instigating the protests for political reasons.
Mohammed Jamjoom Guests Charu Lata Hogg – Associate fellow of Asia Pacific Programme at Chatham House
Omar Waraich – Deputy South Asia Director at Amnesty International
David Bergman – Journalist who was formerly based in Bangladesh for 13 years

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