When Sea-Turtles and Fisherman Collide

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When Sea-Turtles and Fisherman Collide

Ecologically sustainable fishing communities and marine life can coexist, great community-level efforts are underway to maintain their livelihood says Bryan Wallace, Senior Scientist with the Conservation Science Partners

Every year, over 100,000 marine mammals die from the harmful effects of plastic fishing nets and trash in our oceans. Last month, Mexico’s Federal Agency for Environmental Protection announced that more than 300 olive ridley sea turtles had died after apparently becoming entangled in a fishing net. The animals were found floating together off the coast of southern state of Oaxaca, their shells cracked from more than a week of drying in the sun. The news comes just a few days after another 113 sea turtles, most of which were also olive ridleys, washed ashore in Mexico’s Chiapas state, approximately 100 miles east of Oaxaca. It is unclear in this latter case what killed the turtles, but some bore injuries consistent with those caused by hooks and nets.

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