Latest Global Voices: 6 June 2017

Latest stories 6 June 2017 A New Festival in Madhya Pradesh Revives a Lost Indigenous Culture Written by VideoVolunteers · South Asia Thousands of people have gathered in Verwada village in Barwani district to celebrate the newest festival in Madhya Pradesh – the festival of Rani Kajal Mata, an ancient, indigenous deity. 5 June 2017 ArtistsRead More

Protest News Updates: 6 June 2017

Latest Updates CNN Staged Muslim Protests After London Attack?–7 hours ago But nothing suggested that CNN “staged” the demonstrations to any extent greater than engaging protesters, directing their positions, and … Did CNN Help Stage A Fake Protest In London? The Federalist–8 hours ago ‘You’re fake news’: Outrage after CNN accused of staging terror protestRead More