Labour Struggles Updates: 10 April 2018

10 April 2018

Today in Labour History

1908 USA Scabs arrive to help the management of Pensacola’s streetcar system. Violence erupts and the mayor sets up curfew, prevents public gatherings, and calls in State militia troops. Over the next few weeks, the strike is broken.[more]

1930 United States of America Dolores Huerta, Mexican-American labour leader, is born.[more]

1984 UK The House of Commons meets for an emergency debate on the role of police in the miners strike, [more]

This week’s top stories

Brazil Decision to Jail Lula is a Travesty of Justice [ITUC] 09-04-2018  

Bangladesh Clean Clothes Campaign calls for release of Bangladeshi trade union leaders [The Tribune] 09-04-2018  

USA What if the absence of strong unions is at the heart of much of what has gone wrong? [Wash Post] 09-04-2018  

France Train chaos strikes again as standoff with Macron deepens [Reuters] 08-04-2018  

Bangladesh Court sentences man to death for murder of union leader [The Daily Star] 08-04-2018  

USA Massive Minimum Wage Study Finds Significant Gains for Low-Income Workers and Few Downsides [Alternet] 08-04-2018 

Japan Aichi day care worker’s apology for getting pregnant highlights labor crunch in female-dominated sectors [The Times] 06-04-2018  

Korea (South) Prosecutors raid Samsung Elec over alleged union busting [Reuters] 06-04-2018  

Sudan Workers Union Head Interrogated in Port Sudan [Radio Dabanga] 06-04-2018  

Georgia Court rules in favour of chemical workers at Rustavi Azot in Georgia[IndustriALL]  ActNOW!  05-04-2018  


Today’s news

 Unions call for tough new penalties after restaurants accused of ripping off staff[Guardian Australia] 09-04-2018   1 more labour news stories from Australia today

 Release trade union leaders demands int’l garment workers’ rights body[The Daily Star] 09-04-2018  

 Brazilian trade union movement repudiates order of imprisonment against Lula [PSI] 09-04-2018   1 more labour news stories from Brazil today

 Ministry mulls more protection for local, foreign fishery workers [The Times] 09-04-2018  

 / Ontario ‘Try the hotel down the road;’ Patrons upset at being displaced due to casino strike [The Star] 09-04-2018   18 more labour news stories from Canada today

 Number of strikes up 100% from last year [The Times] 09-04-2018  

 Electricians go on strike after rejecting latest settlement proposal [The Times] 09-04-2018  

 French show their fraternity as public donates €500k to striking rail workers [The Local] 09-04-2018   8 more labour news stories from France today

 Lufthansa to cancel over 800 flights amid mass public sector walkouts [Deutsche Welle] 09-04-2018   1 more labour news stories from Germany today

 Newmont deaths: Union demands benefits for contract workers [Ghanaweb] 09-04-2018  

 Coal India talks with union leaders on private mining fail [The Economic Times] 09-04-2018  

 ‘Workers are not only deprived of their wages but of their basic rights” [Equal Times] 09-04-2018   2 more labour news stories from Iran today

 Fact almost 10,000 people homeless a ‘blight on society’ [Irish Times] 09-04-2018   1 more labour news stories from Irelandtoday

 CS Mohamed dials up bid to end lecturers’ strike [The Nation] 09-04-2018  

Korea (South)
 GM employees in South Korea destroy CEO’s office in row over bonuses video [Stuff] 09-04-2018   1 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

 Amalgamated union conference produces first female chairperson [The Daily Trust] 09-04-2018  

 Unions, employers agree wage deal, averting strike [Reuters] 09-04-2018   2 more labour news stories from Norway today

 Nursing staff in KP threatens agitation [The News] 09-04-2018   1 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

 Labor groups seek wage hike[The Inquirer] 09-04-2018  

Puerto Rico
 Teachers Denounce Closing of 283 Public Schools [TeleSUR] 09-04-2018  

South Africa
 The Democratic Alliance’s position on the National Minimum Wage exposes their anti-working class agenda[COSATU] 09-04-2018   19 more labour news stories from South Africa today

 Home Sec ‘ignoring elephant in the room’[Polfed] 10-04-2018   9 more labour news stories from UK today

 / Oklahoma ‘Our feet are gross’: Oklahoma teachers on gruelling 110-mile march for better funding [The Guardian] 09-04-2018   18 more labour news stories from USA today



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