Maruti Workers strike


Maruti sacks 15 workers, suspends 10 others Cracking the whip, Maruti Suzuki India on Sunday dismissed 10 workers, terminated five trainees and suspended 10 employees in connection “with the strike and violence at the Manesar factory premises”.  (More on…) 3 total views,…

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How Green is your Coffee?


From deforestation to fertiliser; our taste for coffee has left some of the world’s most precious eco-systems in a precarious state. George Blacksell looks at how the coffee industry is cleaning up its act… (To read more..) Courtesy: The Ecologist  …

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Speculation on Maize will lead to thousands of Mexicans hungry


A surge in financial speculation on maize is causing vastly inflated prices for corn tortillas – a sacred staple in Mexico – and threatening the health and livelihoods of the country’s poor. Tom Levitt investigates.. (To read more….) Courtesy: The Ecologist…

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