Internship at Intercultural Resources 

(Late) Smitu Kothari

Interning with a prestigious research organisation is an effective and wonderful way to enhance research and writing skills, especially for under-graduates and graduates. Established in 2005 by late Smitu Kothari, the internship at ICR is carefully planned and designed to assist students to delve deeper into the contemporary social issues and understand  them  from the perspective a equitable and just society.

For the students, interning with ICR is a great opportunity to contemplate, explore and develop their career as well as enhance professional research and writing skills. It is also an opportunity to get real hands on experience to improve communication skills, interact with affected communities and disadvantaged social/economic groups and develop competencies at the professional level.

From the institution’s perspective, an internship at ICR would provide the student a unique training experience in research and writing skills on a wide range of  social, political, economic,  human rights, environmental and climate change issues.

Since 2005, hundreds of students and youth have actively undertaken internship at ICR and have successfully completed their research assignments.

We believe that in accepting students as interns, we recognize that the internship is a learning process designed to promote professional growth and personality development.