26 January 2022

Living on the edge: Rohingya avoid return to Myanmar - Ashish Malhotra

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh - Arif Ahmed felt somewhat relieved as he sat by a muddy body of water in no-man’s land along Bangladesh’s border with Myanmar.

The fate of the Rohingya refugee hung in the balance this week when a plan to repatriate members of the persecuted Muslim minority from Bangladesh to Myanmar’s Rakhine state looked like it may begin on Tuesday.

That plan has now been put on hold, but Ahmed and others living in this informal camp near the village of Gundum, less than a kilometre from his home in Myanmar, cannot stop thinking about their possible return.

Read more on this at: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/01/living-edge-rohingya-avoid-return-myanmar-180125135911993.html


ICR Staff Reporter

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