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Intercultural Resources, a Forum for Research, Documentation and Intervention has been regularly bringing out the Social Movements Calendar (SMC) for the past several years. 

Originally conceptualized by the late Smitu Kothari, with the idea of presenting the public a visual chronicle of People’s Struggles in India, the first Social Movements Calendar along with a Resource Book was published in 2009. Subsequently several editions of the calendar and resource book were published on various themes such as Labour struggles, People’s Struggles against International Financial Institutions, Dalit Movements, LGBTQ Movement in India and so on. 

The Social Movements Calendar (SMC) is a collective process and a non-profit endeavor meant as a tool to educate and create public awareness about the vast array of people’s struggles in India. The SMC is perhaps the only one of its kind to document people’s struggles in a rather innovative way, by making it a knowledge resource. Thus it outlives its life as a  calendar and is relevant even after the calendar year is over. 

The 2019 calendar would be on the theme: DISSENT. Dissent is the essence of the democratic politics and has a much varied and layered history. Dissenting voices have strengthened the politics and resistance but at great personal cost, violence and repression. The Social Movement Calendar intends to capture the actors, themes, and important acts of defiance and dissent in Indian history. 

ICR would require (5) research interns for compiling data from several sources on the dissenting voices in India 

Honorarium: 8000/- pm

Full time Research Period: October to December 2018

Mail your CV to:

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The Internship call is also put up at the INTERNSHALA website