Protest News Updates: 22 July 2017

Latest Updates Polish senate backs judicial overhaul, defying protests and the EU–10 hours ago Since Thursday, tens of thousands have protested in Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow and other Polish cities in one of the biggest demonstrations … US warns Poland over judiciary bill as protests grow CNN–21 hours ago Protests in Warsaw as government moves on courts–Jul 21, 2017 Poland Senate passesRead More

Global Protest Voices

Latest stories 20 July 2017 Caracas the Deceiving City (and Other Forms of Pain) Written by Aglaia Berlutti · Latin America “Caracas is different, it has a sense of identity. There is fear for sure, but there is also the happiness of small things. […] The small hidden treasures.” I Dread Setting Foot on U.S. Soil While TrumpRead More

Protest News Updates: 20 July 2017

Latest Updates In Poland, Effort To Take Control Of The Courts Inspires Protests NPR–11 hours ago As Poland’s ruling party moves to take control of the country’s high court, protestersare taking to the streets and European Union officials are … In Poland, an Assault on the Courts Provokes Outrage In-Depth–New York Times–15 hours ago Around 155 arrested inRead More

Protest News Updates: 19 July 2017

Latest Updates Hamburg G20 protests and alternative futures Open Democracy–18 hours ago We must use such a protest event as an opportunity to open up new horizons of political strategy on different scales, to expand … The Protests in Hamburg During the G20 Meeting will Cost Around …–16 hours ago View all Butler County sheriff’s Narcan stance draws new protests Hamilton JournalRead More