2 November 2020: Social Movements and Protests Around the World

Anti-France protests continue, as Macron seeks understanding, and other top stories in general news from November 02, 2020.
Your source for breaking news. You can count on us for the latest headlines in US and international news, business, sports, weather and entertainment. Anti-France protests continue, as Macron seeks understanding, and other top stories in general news from November 02, 2020.

USA: Several arrested at anti-Trump protest in NYC
• 1 Nov 2020                      Ruptly
Police were seen arresting several protesters in New York City, on Sunday, as people took to the streets to demonstrate against US President Donald Trump. The protesters reportedly gathered in response to pro-Trump caravan expected to hit New York City’s streets the same day. Iannis Delatolas, one of the protesters, said “No matter what happens, the far right is going to react. And this is why we’re out here because we expect no matter what happens with the election, the problem with fascism isn’t going to go away on its own. We need to be out on the streets, confronting them every time they come out.” The US presidential election will take place on Tuesday, November 3.

Spain: Riots break out at anti-restrictions protest in Madrid
• 1 Nov 2020                 Ruptly
Police clashed with demonstrators as riots broke out during a protest against COVID-19 restrictions in Madrid, on Saturday night and in the early hours of Sunday. Protesters were seen vandalising ATMs, breaking and burning trash cans in the city centre. On 25th October the Spanish government declared a state of alarm across the peninsula due to skyrocketing cases of coronavirus. The measures include a curfew to be managed according to the needs of each of the communities. As of Saturday, Spain had recorded over 1,185,678 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 35,878 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.

Belarus protests: Police fire warning shots as tens of thousands flood Minsk streets
• 1 Nov 2020                 Global News
Warning: This video contains violent content. Discretion advised.
Belarusian police fired warning shots into the air on Sunday as tens of thousands of protesters took to the capital of Minsk as calls continue for President Alexander Lukashenko to step down.

According to local reports, there were at least two separate columns of protesters in Minsk, one of which numbered 20,000 people.

People were seen detained by police during the protests, while others could be seen on camera running away from riot police. This week, Lukashenko said that any protesters who lay a hand on officers should “at least leave without hands.”

Hundreds Of Northwestern Students Protest In Evanston, Clash With Police
• 1 Nov 2020                   CBS Chicago
A few hundred students, nearly all from Northwestern, for an event organized by a group called NU Community Not Cops. It started peacefully, but as the march went on, things changed.

‘No more bulls**t’ | Thousands protest ‘nazification’ curfews in London’s Trafalgar Square
• 1 Nov 2020  RT
Large crowds of anti-govt protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square in London to protest a new national lockdown set to start early next week and last for at least a month, equating the curfew to ‘nazification’.

POTATO VLOG #17 : London Protest Photography with the Ricoh GR III
•Premiered 19 hours ago                                         Samuel L. Streetlife
I met up with my fellow UK protest photographers/street photographer friends Zack Webb & Christian Cross and we encountered yet another protest at Trafalgar Square. And it got a little intense. This video was recorded on Septemeber 19th, 2020.

Protest in Rome against measures to control virus
• 1 Nov 2020                  AP Archive
(27 Oct 2021) Hundreds of people gathered in Rome on Tuesday night to protest against the recent measures that the Italian government has adopted to control the spread of the coronavirus.
The last several nights have seen protests in some Italian cities, reflecting anger about overnight curfews in some of Italy’s regions. Nationwide restrictions began this week, closing down gyms, pools, cinemas and theatres.  Restaurants are required to close before dinner hour. Demonstrators gathered in front in the central People’s Square and were charged by the Italian police with water cannons because the demonstration was not authorised. Several demonstrators were surprised by the charge. Social tension is rising in the country, with increasing protests, some of them violent, that have erupted in many cities in the past days. Italy on Tuesday registered nearly 22,000 confirmed coronavirus cases since the previous day, its highest one-day total in the pandemic.
The Health Ministry reported 221 more deaths.

Sowore, Others Continue #EndSARS Protest Against Bad Governance In Abuja
• 1 Nov 2020                       SaharaTV
Sowore, Others Continue #EndSARS Protest Against Bad Governance In Abuja, Scribble #EndSARS Graffiti At Airport, Police Headquarters

People Protest Against Coronavirus Lockdown in Munich, Germany Part 2
• Streamed live 14 hours ago                                             Sputnik
Sputnik is live from #Munich, Bavaria, where Germans are protesting against the month-long #coronavirus #lockdown being introduced in the country amid the rising numbers of infections.

Georgia: Thousands protest against parliamentary election results demanding a fresh poll
• 1 Nov 2020                               Ruptly
Supporters of Georgia’s opposition staged a rally outside the country’s parliament in Tbilisi on Sunday, protesting against the general election results. According to the preliminary numbers by the Central Election Commission (CEC), the Georgian Dream party was leading in the poll with 48 percent of votes over opposition United National Movement (UNM) which gained 26 percent. Footage shows thousands of people marching through the capital blocking its main Rustaveli avenue and demanding a re-run. Meanwhile, images filmed in the evening captured hundreds protesting around the residence of Georgian Dream party leader Bidzina Ivanishvili. Georgian opposition leaders considered the results illegitimate and urged people to take part in the protest. Former president and opposition leader Mikheil Saakashvili urged his supporters to take to the streets, accusing the ruling party of rigging the vote. International monitors from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly described the election as competitive adding that “fundamental freedoms were respected”, however, some local election observers reported multiple irregularities. Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili said that the vote was peaceful, democratic, and fair. Forty-eight parties and two blocs took part in the parliamentary elections. Voters were choosing candidates for a four-year term through a mixed model - 120 MPs were elected through the proportional voting system and 30 through a majoritarian one.

Toronto Anti-Lockdown Protest & Eaton Centre Walk on October 31, 2021
• 1 Nov 2020    Johnny Strides
A 4K narrated downtown Toronto walk that starts off at Queen Station and heads through a Halloween themed anti-lockdown / anti-mask protest that started at Yonge-Dundas Square. I then head through the Eaton Centre and run into the protest again at Queen Street. This was recorded on October 31, 2021 during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gujjar Protest: आरक्षण के लिए गुर्जर आंदोलन फिर शुरू, Delhi-Mumbai रेलमार्ग जाम किया
• 1 Nov 2020                 NDTV India
Gujjar Protest: गुर्जर आरक्षण संघर्ष समिति के आह्वान पर गुर्जरों ने रविवार को बयाना में फिर आंदोलन शुरू कर दिया. समाज के युवा बड़ी संख्या में पीलूपुरा में रेलवे पटरियों पर बैठ गए. इस बीच राज्य के युवा व खेल मंत्री अशोक चांदना गुर्जर नेता किरोड़ी सिंह बैंसला से मिलने रविवार रात हिंडौन पहुंचे हालांकि उनकी मुलाकात नहीं हो सकी. भरतपुर में बयाना के पीलूपुरा में गुर्जर समाज के लोग इकट्ठे हुए. शाम को गुर्जर आंदोलनकारियों ने मुंबई-दिल्ली (Mumbai-Delhi) रेल मार्ग पर कब्ज़ा कर रेल संचालन ठप्प कर दिया. उन्होंने रेल लाइन की फिश प्लेटें निकाल दीं और पटरियां उखाड़ दीं.

Hundreds protest against pandemic evictions in Barcelona
• 1 Nov 2020                  The Telegraph
Hundreds of protesters marched from Barcelona Cathedral to the city hall to protest against evictions during the coronavirus pandemic. Evictions were suspended during spring but resumed as lockdown eased.

Armenian protest turns into a fight
• 1 Nov 2020      PRANK & AUDITS AND MORE
1 person was upset and started yelling to the protesters. then turned into a culture battle.

First TV interview with Thai king - says country is ‘land of compromise’ amid widespread protests
• 1 Nov 2020                   Channel 4 News
Thousands of Thai royalists have rallied in Bangkok in their biggest show of support for the monarchy so far. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) With the country in turmoil and protestors demanding sweeping reforms - the King - in an exclusive interview with this programme and CNN - has called his country “the Land of Compromise,” suggesting there may be a way out of the long running political impasse. From Bangkok - our foreign affairs correspondent Jonathan Miller reports.


Image Courtesy: https://www.dw.com/en/belarus-protesters-face-crackdown-as-protest-draws-tens-of-thousands/a-55467124



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