Ramjas Protest: Issue to be raised in Parliament

Ramjas protest LIVE updates: We will be raising DU issue in Parliament, says D Raja Students from DU and JNU participate in large numbers demanding campuses be from ABVP hooliganism and goondaism Article and Photo Courtesy: The Indian Express: http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/delhi-university-protest-live-updates-abvp-aisa-march-ramjas-4547530/  

Confession of an ABVP footsoldier

We beat teachers too: Full text of of an ABVP footsoldier’s confession …………………… ……………………………………………… Unidentified person: Ya ya, it’s there above the canteen, I’ve seen it. ABVP supporter: Yeah, so they were taking JNU people there and we protested that we will not let those people and Umar Khalid come there. Unidentified person: Good job! WellRead More

[Sign Petition]Citizens’ Statement Against ABVP Violence in DU: Let Minds Be Without Fear http://www.indiaresists.com/sign-petitioncitizens-statement-abvp-violence-du-let-minds-without-fear/

‘Black Day’ by Jats in Haryana

A large number of protesters, including women and children participated in dharnas with black ribbons, turbans, caps and armbands to show their resentment against the government towards their demands. The Jats on Sunday observed ‘Black Day’ across Haryana amid tight security arrangements, even as the agitation by the community passed off peacefully. The traffic onRead More

200 villagers are lathi charged and arrested in Andhra Pradesh while trying to enter their plots

Trespassers in Their Own Land 200 villagers are lathi charged and arrested in Andhra Pradesh while trying to enter their plots Around 200 farmers and fishers, men, women and children, belonging to Kottapakalu, Tatekupalem and Pampajipeta villages of Tarangimondal on the coast of the district of East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh were indiscriminately lathicharged andRead More

Bolster legal boundaries to stay within planetary boundaries

Environmental laws are binding and enforceable tools that constrain human impacts on the environment, but how effective are they at keeping humanity away from critical planetary boundaries? Environmental laws are intended to prevent environmental degradation, protect and enhance environmental quality, or promote sustainable development. Taking the example of biodiversity, the functions of legislation include: designationRead More