Delhi repaints its traffic dividers pink and green. NDMC fails to find the exact shade of the ruling political party flag,-defying-global-treaty-on-road-safety Delhi repaints its traffic dividers pink and green, defying global treaty on road safety The capital’s new colours violate international conventions on the standardisation of road markings. Pink and green is the new black and yellow. In a baffling and potentially dangerous move, that is the new colour scheme the New Delhi Municipal CouncilRead More

Indian Government reveals eight names to Supreme Court in black money case Centre will disclose more names ‘after following due process’ The central government on Monday gave the Supreme court the eight names against whom it has initiated prosecutions under the Income Tax Act for allegedly stashing black money in foreign banks. Dabur India promoter Pradip Burman, bullion trader Pankaj Chamanlal Lodhiya, Goa mining company TimbloRead More