Prafulla Samantara

Prafulla Samantara - Media Coverage  Prafulla Samantara, man challenging Vedanta’s expansion in Odisha, wins Goldman Environmental Prize - ‎20 hours ago‎ Prafulla Samantara, who has been one of the key activists responsible for rallying tribals indigenous to Odisha’s Niyamgiri Hills to block mining-to-metals conglomerate Vedanta from expanding its bauxite mines in the region, will beRead More

Bolster legal boundaries to stay within planetary boundaries

Environmental laws are binding and enforceable tools that constrain human impacts on the environment, but how effective are they at keeping humanity away from critical planetary boundaries? Environmental laws are intended to prevent environmental degradation, protect and enhance environmental quality, or promote sustainable development. Taking the example of biodiversity, the functions of legislation include: designationRead More