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Latest stories 27 June 2022 In China, an Antagonistic Anti-Refugee Stance Finds Support Online Written by Oiwan Lam · East Asia Netizens bullied Yao Chen, a famous Chinese actress who is the UN Refugee Agency’s first Goodwill Ambassador in China, and rejected the idea of taking in refugees. 26 June 2022 Iran’s Revolution In Waiting WrittenRead More

Plight of Trans Women in Central America

Trans Women Fleeing Central America Find Hope and Hardship Further North They flee Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, persecuted for their gender identity. Unlike other migrants, their journey is fraught with even greater persecution and harassment. Their “American Dream” is just a place where they can exist. Read more on this at: https://globalvoices.org/2017/06/09/trans-women-fleeing-central-america-find-hope-and-hardship-further-north/ Photo Courtesy: http://www.thebubble.com/recent-study-shows-latin-america-has-highest-rates-of-trans-murders/