Chinese in bold call for official’s removal

Communist Party veterans write open letter for the sacking of security chief Zhou Yongkang. “It has been known for some time there has been a power struggle between the reformers and the new-leftists who are calling for the return of the old Maoist ideals.”

Chávez vs. Putin By FRANCISCO TORO

Vladimir Putin? Hugo Chávez? Both fit the description. Yet while many in the West tend to see through the thin veneer of democracy that Putin has pasted over his autocratic rule of Russia, they fail to see the Venezuelan version so clearly. Why is that?

Filipino Militants Free Kidnapped Malaysian

Philippine officials say a Malaysian man has been freed by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants after a year of jungle captivity in the country’s south. Sulu provincial Gov. Abdusakur Tan said Wednesday that Mohammad Nazarudin bin Saidin was released by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants in his province on Friday. It was not immediately clear if any ransomRead More